Bioturbation – 2019/09

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Bioturbation This week: DiY Database; Bioturbation; Corrosion; Split visit; Weather; We have enjoyed warm sunny days this week. Not as warm as the UK has had, but still warm enough to enjoy a cappuccino on the terrace every morning. DiY … Read More

Getting stoned – 2019/08

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Getting stoned This week:It’s the pits;Getting stoned;Some more history; It’s been a strange week for weather, very warm at the start and a howling gale at the end. On Saturday morning with clear skies and warm sun, the air temperature … Read More

Confucius says: When you reach bottom of pit, stop digging – 2019/07

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Confucius says: When you reach bottom of pit, stop digging This week: Stepping stones; Geology; FutureLearn; Social media; I took the car to the garage on Monday. I’ve only been trying to get the local vehicle fitter to repair it … Read More

Logging operations – 2019/06

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Logging operations This week: Logging operations; Rockery walling; Hydroponics ; Greenhouse; Climate change; Definitely an outside working week this week. We have had nice warm sunshine, even though there has been a cold Bura blowing mid week. But nothing especially … Read More

Drunk with flower – 2019/05

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Drunk with flower This week: Wall removal; Propagating figs; Hydroponics; Weather; The start of the week went well. With fine and mild weather I finished planting the new raspberry varieties and then tested the underground irrigation system. I’m using a … Read More

Busily doing nothing – 2019/04

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Busily doing nothing This week: Timber!; Computerisation; Polar Vortex; Problem garden corner; Wow, it’s Saturday already! What happened to last week? Did I sleep through it? Well no actually, I’ve been doing a number of jobs but I really don’t … Read More

The grass isn’t always green – 2019/03

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The grass isn’t always green This week: Weather; Horticulture; Seed merchants; Website; At this time of year things are a little slow. We have had some warms days with temperatures into double figures and reaching +14ºC, but cold, clear, cloudless … Read More

Walking with secateurs – 2019/02

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Walking with secateurs This week: Local Walk; Citizen Science; Weeds again! Garden chores; I’ve been trying to get my car looked at by the local auto repairer – I hesitate to use the word engineer. Finally on Tuesday after three … Read More

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