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This Blog began in 2014 as a way to keep in touch with family and friends. Gradually more people wanted to read the Blog and so it went from being a weekly email, to an on-line page.

Over time we used different platforms until in January 2019 when we moved to our own dedicated pages. Past years blogs will be added, but it will take time…

Life in a Dol house is about the daily trials and tribulations, successes and failures and the mundane minutia of modernising an old Croatian farm house and smallholding. This is on a beautiful Adriatic island, and is about our making it productive again.

Each week you are invited to join us in our adventures on a small plot of land in this quiet backwater. Here, where the pace of life is still regulated by the passage of the sun across the sky each day and the season of the year.

Below are our most recent Blogs. Just click on any link to open a new page.

Smelling of Rosemary – 2020/48
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The kittens have been testing the strength of the green mesh around the citrus trees this week. If it car survive being jumped on, as a kitten trampoline and as a comfy sleeping corner, I have n concerns about winter winds. 😉

First signs of Spring – 2020/47
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With a month to go before the northern Midwinter solstice, already flower buds have appeared on my Narcissi. It will soon be spring!

The rattles have arrived – 2020/46
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Rainfall and warm temperatures make things grow. This especially applies to weeds that have developed to fill their own particular niche in the orchards.

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