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  • Island of Hvar - Dinaric Alps in the distance
    Island of Hvar - Dinaric Alps in the distance

Welcome to Dol on the beautiful island of Hvar, basking in the warm Adriatic sea of Dalmatia.


We are in the classic olive and grape growing Mediterranean climate. Dol enjoys hot dry summers and generally mild wet winters.


Located in the geographic centre of the island, in a natural amphitheatre with hills to the east, south and west, we are protected from most weather extremes.


Only the cold Bura winds which occasionally sweep down from the central European plains make us feel the chill in winter.


The sea is warm for swimming for a good part of the year, indeed some of the more hardy locals swim until the 1st November!


There are many walks to enjoy, from the 2,400 year old Stari Grad plain UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the top of St. Nichols peak, the highest point in the island.


Wander along paths and green lanes which have been used for centuries. Explore Greek and Roman watch towers and ruins. Enjoy fine wines and local produce. Here there is something for everyone to do and places for all to explore.


On the pages of this website you can find out more about our village, through the Life in a Dol house blog, but there are other pages too, so jump in and see what you can find.