Just about us

Two beautiful Felines - Callie and Risha

We live on a Island in the Adriatic sea, in a place called Dol. So this is our home, but we all came from a far away city.

My big brother Risha is ‘Senior Cat’ and he can wind our significant human round his middle toe!

I’m the aristocatic one, chief hunter and lookout. I like to be as high as possible, whether that is patrolling the ridge tiles or the book cases. So if you want to find me, just look up, because I’ll be there watching you.

Our home is in some really ancient farm buildings on the edge of a big forest.

We have lots of nice neighbours who hardly ever fight, and there’s Roger the Lodger, who sometimes sneaks in through our special door.

Our significant human calls our home his “Dol house” and he writes about all the adventures we have. But mostly they’re his adventures because we don’t always tell him about ours…

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