EXIF Stage left 2019/32

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EXIF Stage left This week: Being a Messie; EXIF Stage left…. ; 45,000 and counting; Bridging the gap; Photo time machine; Trouble with dragons; Summer nights; I have written quite a bit about photographs and archiving in this week’s blog. … Read More

What to do when it’s wet outside – 2019/19

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What to do when it’s wet outside This week: Toothache; Winter weather; Photo restoration; How do you date a photo?; Backing up the backup It’s not been the best of starts to the week. No. 1 cat Risha is not … Read More

Busily doing nothing – 2019/04

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Busily doing nothing This week: Timber!; Computerisation; Polar Vortex; Problem garden corner; Wow, it’s Saturday already! What happened to last week? Did I sleep through it? Well no actually, I’ve been doing a number of jobs but I really don’t … Read More

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