Under the weather – 2019/30-31

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Under the weather This week: Under the weather; It’s all in the bubbles; Selling the car; I scream, you scream…; In the garden; Under the weather I seem to have caught a virus, at least I think that is what … Read More

Digging for Brown Gold – 2019/11

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Digging for Brown Gold This week: A country garden; Composting; Digging for ‘Brown Gold’; Future paradise; When I got the car back from the garage two weeks ago, the windscreen washer pump wasn’t working. So Sunday morning saw me removing … Read More

Getting stoned – 2019/08

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Getting stoned This week:It’s the pits;Getting stoned;Some more history; It’s been a strange week for weather, very warm at the start and a howling gale at the end. On Saturday morning with clear skies and warm sun, the air temperature … Read More

Logging operations – 2019/06

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Logging operations This week: Logging operations; Rockery walling; Hydroponics ; Greenhouse; Climate change; Definitely an outside working week this week. We have had nice warm sunshine, even though there has been a cold Bura blowing mid week. But nothing especially … Read More

A week of odds and ends – 2018/01

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A week of odds and ends This week: Central Heating; New Year flowers; Painting walls; Odd Jobs; We have had a mild but rather damp week this week. Occasional burst of warm spring sunshine have been interspersed with cloudy days, … Read More

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