Walking with secateurs – 2019/02

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Walking with secateurs This week: Local Walk; Citizen Science; Weeds again! Garden chores; I’ve been trying to get my car looked at by the local auto repairer – I hesitate to use the word engineer. Finally on Tuesday after three … Read More

It’s January – Siječanj! 2019/01

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It’s January – Siječanj! This week: New Year; Log fires; New Blog Platform; Plants; Well here we are in 2019! I hope your celebrations went off well and there was no over indulgence! There are some quaint traditions here around … Read More

Pruning with a Chain saw – 2018/52

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    Pruning with a chain saw 2018 – Week 52 This week: Time; Horticulture; History; Blogging A friend asked me this week where time goes to. There is no easy answer, whether you want the technical answer from A … Read More

Wine! – 2018/45

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Wine! The smell of fermenting grape juice is everywhere Walk past any small farm, Konoba or even some out-houses and there will be a sweet smell, slightly fruity and completely distinct. This is the smell of this years crop of … Read More

A week of odds and ends – 2018/01

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A week of odds and ends This week: Central Heating; New Year flowers; Painting walls; Odd Jobs; We have had a mild but rather damp week this week. Occasional burst of warm spring sunshine have been interspersed with cloudy days, … Read More

Not the best of first weeks! – 2017/01

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Not the best of first weeks! This week: Ladder work; The Bura; Digital Photography; Scale Rail; Its cold. Actually it feels very cold, far from Mediterranean temperatures! The OAT (outside air temperature at 1.25m above ground) is -5.5°C, but with … Read More

Some Croatian Anki panky – 2016/01

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Some Croatian Anki panki This week: Horticulture; Language; Weather; Jelsa; We have had the last of the Christmas holidays this week. Wednesday was the 6th of January, the festival of the Epiphany or the visit of the Three Kings. In … Read More

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